Chief Instructor Karl Ott

Instructor Karl Ott took over Shin's Martial Arts Institute from Grandmaster Shin in October, 2017. He decided to move to a new location founded Integrity Martial Arts and Fitness. Mr. Ott was born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon where he spent his early years, and graduated from Marshfield High School.  He went on to earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Southern Oregon University.  Upon college graduation he found work in his field of education in Corvallis, Oregon.

Mr. Ott had a life-long interest in martial arts but growing up a 3-sport athlete didn't allow time to pursue studies in martial arts.  He decided now was the time.  After consulting a close family friend who was experienced in martial arts, he took the friend's advice and sought a martial arts instructor who was not just a good instructor, but one who was traditional and taught a complete martial art lifestyle.  Answering an advertisement, he was given incorrect directions, and fate literally delivered him to Grandmaster Shin's dojang (martial arts studio).  After a grueling interview by Grandmaster Shin, he knew he'd been in the wrong place for the advertisement, but in the right place to learn martial arts.  Mr. Ott has studied martial arts under Grandmaster Shin ever since that first meeting in March, 1993.

Mr. Ott still works as a programmer/analyst in Lebanon, OR.   He is married to his wife of 18 years, Kimmy.  He has five daughters (Brooke, Kristen, Amanda, Sarah and Chandra), and one son (Mavrick), who is a black belt instructor at Shin's Martial Arts Institute and .  Karl is a fan of football, basketball and track and field.

With 24 years of experience, Chief Instructor Ott's certifications are:

  - 4th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo, Sun Moo Kwan
  - 4th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo, US Taekwondo Grandmasters Society
  - 1st Dan Black Belt Taekwondo, Kukkiwon
  - USA Taekwondo Level 1 Coach

Mr. Ott has coached at various national, international, state and local tournaments in sparring, poomsae and breaking producing US Open bronze medalist, Team USA Alternate and World Taekwondo President's Cup gold medalist.

To reach Chief Instructor Ott, you may call the Albany studio at: 541.928.1001
or send email to: