Welcome to Integrity Martial Arts and Fitness.

For over 35 years we were Shin's Martial Arts Institute. Our honorable grandmaster is retiring yet will always remain as our greatest advisor and mentor.

We are now Integrity Martial Arts and Fitness, and we've moved our dojang to a new location in the Carriage House Plaza, 1193 Santiam Rd SE, Albany, OR.

We offer classes for kids and adults to give our clients options in martial arts and fitness.

Taekwondo - Olympic style

Hapkido and Judo



Coming soon:

iBullyProof - Although we have always taught anti-bullying techniques as part of our martial arts curriculum, we're also adding this great program. Check it out at iBullyProof.com!

After-School Program / Youth Empowerment Program - If your child needs more than just a babysitter after school, someone who can help them complete homework and understand material, and also get a great workout, then this is for you! Check out the Youth Empowerment System by Juice Compound! Youth Empowerment Systems by Juice Compound!