General Martial Arts

At Integrity Martial Arts and Fitness, we offer a well-rounded curriculum. Our mainstream classes focus on learning a complete set of arts, focusing on good health and self-defense as the primary objectives. The martial arts we incorporate are sun ki do, qi gong, tae kwon do, hap ki do and judo.

There are times however that students like to concentrate on one art at a time, so we also provide private lessons to concentrate on one student's (or a group's) specific needs.

For those with a competitive streak, we also have students who enjoy competing in taekwondo at all levels. We have beginners that are getting experience all the way up to world class competitors in sparring. One of our assistance instructors in the kids class (Mavrick Ott) finished the 2017 year with a bronze medal at the US Open, #2 in the USA Taekwondo National Championships, making him an alternate for Team USA and World Taekwondo President's Cup Gold Medalist.