Youth Empowerment System

This program is developed by the guys at Juice Compound. This program is not a martial arts program, but it is an exercise program for kids that focuses solely on physical development along all the great character development aspect that one would receive in a martial arts class.

Instead of using belts for achieved levels, t-shirts are used. On the backs of the t-shirts are boxes with tasks printed next to them. As an example, 5 pullups. When a kid can do 5 pullups an instructor will use a permanent marker and check the box on the t-shirt. When all of the checks are checked off the student graduates to the next t-shirt level. Confidence grows as students get each box checked off. Instructors also work extremely positively with each kid to help them achieve the goals.

If you are interested in the Youth Empowerment System let us know. We're currently taking reservations to set a start date. Call now!